Welcome to Morning Star Child Care Learning Center. We look forward to caring for our child in a safe, caring and learning environment. We provide care for children ages 2 - 5 years old. The center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM The center offers full-time child care.

Our Philosophy

The learning process begins in the first days of life. Our purpose is to provide each child with a stimulating environment that will encourage this process and meet the developmental needs of the whole child.
We are committed to promoting the intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical development of each child entrusted to our care. The children's perceptions of themselves and others will be clarified through the understanding skillful guidance of qualified adults who will assist them in group and individual experiences. Also, through literatures, music, play, creative activities, resource visitors, and experiments with nature we are able to further their educational experiences.
We provide for physical needs with nutritious diets, rest periods, physical activities, and health supervisions.


Our center is not only interested in providing first quality child care, but we also direct our efforts towards helping each child develop his or her ability.

  • To help children develop social skills necessary for working and playing with others
  • To stimulate discovery of the environment outside the home and neighborhood
  • To help develop each child's gross and fine motor coordination
  • To improve oral language skills in order to express thoughts and feelings as well as to increase knowledge
  • To help children learn to be independent and self reliant
  • To provide opportunities to experience kindness, recognition and acceptance by others
  • To be supportive of parents in heir challenging task of rearing children

Our Curriculum

The Morning Star Childcare Learning Center is here to encourage each child to explore the world around them by exposing the children to a variety of experiences and mediums that will develop emotional, social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.
Activities in math will help each child to count and recognize numbers, shapes and sizes. Language Arts will include dramatic play, storytelling, puppetry, rhymes and finger play, expressing thoughts and feelings, recognizing letters and writing.